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Fiber Internet makes digital life easier. By signing up, you help us bring it to our neighborhoods before it’s available in major cities.

Play Xbox while they watch Netflix.
Download an HD movie in 10 seconds. 
No satellite dish.
No weather outages. No excuses.
Watch Duck Dynasty while you download Duck Dynasty.

Unlimit your connection.

Fiber Internet connection speed is up to 100 times faster than today’s broadband. One connection delivers instant downloads, crisp HDTV and crystal clear-voice calls.

Good for home.

No more taking turns on the Internet. With Fiber Now, you can watch Netflix, download movies and play Xbox online, all at the same time.

Good for business.

Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company or an Etsy store, speed matters. Fiber Now empowers business and encourages local growth. With faster processing, and instant communication, Fiber frees our community to do more.

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Why fiber? Why now?

Each generation relies more on faster Internet and more information. Fiber Internet is crucial in growing our community, our homes and our businesses. That’s why Cherokee Communications is bringing Fiber Internet home before it’s available in many major metro areas. We’re from here, and we believe in investing in our community. By requesting an invite to Fiber Now, you’re telling us it’s important to you, too. And for that, we thank you.